first-time package

1 full day 10am – 4pm at the weekend
2 weekday evening sessions
2 weekday morning sessions

Full day: 6 hours
Changes to your body in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy
Optimal fetal positioning
Getting ready for the birth
Understanding the physiology of the 3 stages of labour
Recognising the signs and symptoms of labour and coping strategies at home and in hospital
Birth partner’s role
Breathing and relaxation techniques
Different positions for labour and birth
Pain relief options

Evening session: 2 1/2 hours
If things don’t go to plan
Medical procedures and interventions
Forceps and ventouse
Caesarean section

Morning session: 2 1/2 hours
Aftercare in hospital
Feeding your baby
Caring for your baby

Partners-only session : 2 hours
What to expect in the first few weeks of parenthood
How to support yourself as well as your partner
Practical baby care skills

Final session: 2 1/2 hours
Managing at home – practicalities and what to expect in the first few weeks
Mood changes after birth
Adapting to parenthood
An opportunity to review the issues raised in previous sessions, and to ask questions, and enjoy a more sociable time together.

Refreshments are included in all sessions, plus a light lunch on the full day class.

You will receive a handbook of written resources for you to take away.